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Related article: Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 17:29:23 EST From: Iwantluvplaol.com Subject: Clay and Tracy have fun with each other Chapter 2Clay and Tracy have fun with each other Chapter 2 By Steven iwantluvplaol.comWARNING kdz photos pedo The usual legal disclaimers apply. If you are under 18 years of age or if reading this is illegal in your state, province, town, city, area, etc., then do not read it. This is a fictional story and pure fantasy, and is not intended to imply or assume anything about the sexuality of Clay pedo twinks porn Walker or Tracy Lawrence or any other celebrities that may show up in the following pages of any of the stories that I write. Remember this story is pure fiction and nothing in it gils pedo is true. This is my first attempt at writing so if you have any comments please write me, I am open pedo sexy films to any suggestions. After Clay and Tracy recover from having sex, Clay says "that is the best sex I have ever had! Tracy your tight little ass just feels great around my cock, I have never have cum like that before for any woman not even for my wife." "That pedo hentai movie should tell you something about yourself Clay," Tracy says as he licks his cum off of Clay's hand. "Clay says I am not gay I was just horny and I needed to cum." Tracy says "I have a sure way of telling if you are gay or not Clay," Tracy says as he licks his lips. "I am pedo child kiddy tgp not gay Clay says again even louder." "Then why don't you prove it to me, because I think you liked fucking my ass a little to much for you not pedo pics top to be gay and I know you liked playing with my cock" Tracy says. Clay says "okay what is your plan to see if I am gay or not." Tracy illeagel pedo cp sites says "it is real simple if I give you a blow job and you cum in my hot little mouth you are gay if you don't cum you are straight." Clay says "okay but I wont even get hard, cause men don't turn me on in the least. The only reason I fucked you was because I was really horny and needed to cum bad." "Who are you trying to convince yourself Clay or me," Tracy says as he smiles at Clay. Clay says "lets get this over with so I can prove to you that I am not gay." Tracy says "get on the bed and lay on your back and get ready to cum like you have never cum before." Clay does as he is told. Then Tracy starts to lick Clay's toes one at a time then his feet and then his ankles and he work his way up Clay's leg licking an inch at a time. Tracy sees Clay's cock start to get hard already and Tracy is no where near Clay's cock. When Tracy gets to Clay's balls he just smiles and thinks about all the times he has jerk off in the shower thinking of them. He says to himself they are child pedo world even bigger and better than I ever thought they would be. Tracy gently takes Clay's balls in his hands one at a time and starts to lick each one slowly. Tracy licks every inch of Clay's balls over and over again, Tracy says to Clay "they are the best thing I have ever sex stories extreme pedo had in my mouth." Then Tracy puts Clay's ball in his mouth one at time and sucks them till they almost melt in his mouth. He hears Clay start to moan and beg for more, "Don't stop Tracy please don't stop." Tracy knows he has Clay dark pedo little girls right where he wants him. Then Tracy free mom pedo starts to lick up Clay's nice 9 1/2 inch cock an inch pedo hentai movie at a time. He licks up one side and down pedo anal free movie the other side. Clay's cock tastes so good that Tracy can't get enough of it. Tracy knows it will only get better and better. Then Tracy licks the top of Clay's huge cock back and forth. As he plays with Clays balls with one hand and the other hand is playing with Clay's nipple. Then Tracy stick his tongue in to Clay's piss slit and licks and tickles him. Then Clay's moans get louder and louder. Tracy know he is going to have Clay's cock in his mouth a lot more in the future. Then Tracy starts to deep throat Clay's cock. Then Clay surprises Tracy and grabs Tracy's head and fucks Tracy mouth with his cock. Deeper and deeper Clay's cock goes down Tracy's hungry throat. Faster and faster Clay fucks Tracy's mouth with his cock. Clay's yells "suck my cock real good for me Tracy suck me dry." Then Clay lets goes of Tracy head and falls back on pics girls fucking pedo the bed exhausted. And Tracy know it is time to make Clay cum like he has never cum before. Tracy's sucks Clay's cock head so good and so hard that he almost sucks Clay's balls through his cock. With one hand Tracy works Clay's balls real good to get as much cum out of them that preeten child pedo links he can get. The other hand gives Clay a real good hand job. Tracy likes the way pedo preteeen pix his hand pedo best galleries feels on Clay's cock. Clay's cock is so big that Tracy little girl xxx pedo almost cant get his hand around it. Tracy wraps his tongue around Clay's cock and sucks and licks it real good. Then comes the moment Tracy has been working for, Clay's cock explodes in his mouth sending wave after wave of Clay's hot cum in to Tracy hungry waiting mouth. Tracy sucks every drop of Clay's cum out of him not missing one drop of the best tasting cum Tracy has ever tasted in his life. When Clay is done cumming Tracy licks Clay's cock clean, he even sticks his tongue into Clay's piss slit to get every last drop tiny pedo cp he can get out of Clay. Then Tracy lays next to Clay and play with his nipples as he licks his lips clean. Clay turns to Tracy and kisses him on the lips. Then Clay stops kissing Tracy and says "your right Tracy I am gay and I want young pedo girls pics to be with you forever." Tears start to form in Tracy's eyes and Clay and Tracy cuddle in bed and fall asleep in each other's arms. pedofilia free pics To be continuedPlease email me you your thoughts and suggestion on this story my email address is iwantluvplaol.com it makes my day when I get an email from someone who has read my story! So please don't be shy and email me. And tell me what you think about it.Steven
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